Saturday, October 15, 2011

Boston to Bermuda Cruise

We took the girls on a cruise to Bermuda last week. The ship sailed from Boston and docked in Bermuda for 2 and a half days. We were at sea for a day and a half on the way there and the same on the way home. Cruising is a great way to vacation because your vacation starts the minute you board the ship. We had Uncle Johnny drop us at the terminal in South Boston and we were on our way in no time at all.

There are so many things to do on board the ship and A&E wanted to do it all. They are at a fun age now and are able to participate in many of the activities. We brought them to the shows at night and it was great to see their faces light up in amazement. They were clapping along to the music and loving the singing and dancing.

Mimi and Pa were on board with us, along with Christie's cousin and her husband. It was great to spend time together and the extra hands were helpful.

We've been to Bermuda a few times now and it's a beautiful island. Our favorite thing to do there is Horseshoe Bay. It's one of the best beaches in the world and we went there every day. The weather was perfect. Warm enough to enjoy the beach; but not too hot.

Here are some pictures and videos from our trip.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


years ago, we were doubly blessed. It has truly been amazing watching A&E grow and mature over the last few years. There are many great memories, so it's hard to pick a favorite. The greeting I receive when I get home from work is on the short list. The second I open the door, "Daddy!". Then they both come running for hugs and kisses. That's the best way to decompress from a long day.

Their birthday started off with presents, first thing in the morning. A&E have their very own Leapsters. Of course they will fight over the game that the other one is playing. They both seemed very happy with their gifts. I'm sure they will be great for long car rides.

We took them to their favorite restaurant for dinner on their birthday. Mimi and Pa joined us, so it was a party. Abby had her favorite, mac n' cheese with pickles and broccoli. Ellie had the old stand-by, chicken fingers and french fries. After dinner, we made a quick stop to the beach to play in the sand.

Finally, it was time for cupcakes! Mommy and the girls baked purple and blue cupcakes for dessert. Yummy!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It has been a while since...

I've had a new "first" to post about. This week was the first time A&E where apart from each other for an extended period of time. In the middle of the night on this past Wednesday, Ellie woke up coughing, and could not stop. Christie brought her into our bed, and gave her a breathing treatment. It helped a little, but there was no sleeping for Ellie. She was in the big bed, watching late night cartoons, and would not go to sleep. She was in her glory! Christie gave her another treatment around 6 or 7 in the morning, and called the doctor's office when they opened. The appointment was for 3:45 in the afternoon. Christie dropped Abby off at Auntie Kimmy's house and off she went.

I got the call around 5. Christie sounded upset and said that she was on her way to the hospital with Ellie. The doctor gave her a couple of breathing treatments and an oral steroid. In her condition, Ellie couldn't tolerate the steroid and it came right back up. All over herself, and Mom. The doctors where monitoring her oxygen levels, and weren't seeing any improvement. They made the decision to send her to the hospital via ambulance to keep a close eye on her oxygen level.

I arrived at the hospital before Christie and Ellie and waited in the ER waiting room until they arrived. After what seemed like forever, I was finally allowed to go see her. It was a crazy scene in the pediatric triage. Christie was on the gurney, with Ellie clung to her. She looked as scared as I can remember ever seeing her. The ER staff ran a battery of tests and informed us that she'd be admitted.

I rode the gurney, holding Ellie, as we went through the halls and up the elevator to our new digs. A long night was ahead. Christie was up most of the night before with Ellie, so this would be a second restless night in a row. The respiratory specialist was in every 2 hours, with Ellie's nebulizer, and the nurse was in and out to take vitals in between.

After a long night, morning came and Ellie wasn't showing much improvement. The doctor came in and let us know that she'd likely be spending anther night in the hospital. He wanted to see her go 4 hours between breathing treatments, and maintain a satisfactory oxygen level.

Christie and I decided that she'd go visit with Abby, and put her down for her nap at Auntie's house, and I'd stay with Ellie. Shortly after Christie left, Ellie turned the corner. Her appetite returned and and she started acting more like herself. She ate a yogurt and started playing with the toys I had brought her.

After eating lunch, Ellie and I took a much needed nap. Just as I was waking up, Christie called and she was on her way back. Abby was very excited to see her, then quickly moved on to the thing. She was very curious about her sister, but having a blast with "the boys". When Christie returned to the hospital, I jumped in the shower to get ready for my dinner date with Abby.

I met up with Auntie as she was leaving a play date. Abby was very excited to see me and kept shouting, "My Daddy's here". I buckled her into her seat, and off we went. It was a gorgeous, spring-like day so I decided to go to the playground, then out to dinner.

We had fun at the playground, and were the last ones to leave. The sun had set and it was getting colder out. Time to head inside and grab some dinner. I took Abby to a local pizza place, that has TVs in every booth. They worked like a charm and when the popcorn arrived, she was in heaven.

I ordered 2 of her favorites; greek salad & cheese pizza. Abby did a great job with both the salad and her pizza. She had a bowl of salad and 3 small pieces of pizza. There was a bit of a scene when it was time to leave. Abby had made herself a drink (water with popcorn) and wasn't happy that I scooped her up before she had a chance to taste it. Back in the car and off to Auntie's house to get ready for bed. She kept telling me that her sister was sick and at the doctors office. It was the sweetest thing.

I returned to the hospital, and Ellie progress had continued. Great news. We were all ready to go home and return to our normal routines. That night was much more restful. I think we all slept better knowing that we were heading home in the morning. When we woke up, it was clear that Ellie needed to get out of the room. I took her for a walk down the hall and found a playroom. Ellie was happy to be out of bed and walking around. It was clear that she was all better.

After a quick stop in the gift shop, it was time to go home. Yahoo! We made one quick stop at Auntie's, to pick up Abby. They were genuinely happy to see each other, and hugged right away. It was the cutest thing, ever.

It was a crazy couple of days, but there was one positive. Ellie's speech has improved, dramatically. I think it was all of the one on on attention she was receiving. She has started putting words together and forming phrases. It's great to finally hear her sweet little voice.

Stay tuned for updates from the last 6 months, or so. I've got lots of pics and videos to tell the story.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where have my babies gone?

Abby & Ellie are not babies anymore, and have fully embraced their inner toddler. Abby has been talking up a storm for a while now. She's starting to put her words into sentences. We're always laughing at some of the things she comes out with. If Rosie is in her way, she says, "beep beep Ro Ro". At bed time, the last thing she says to us is "night night Mama, night night Dada" Melts my heart every time.

Ellie is starting to say more words and has a couple of short phrases. We noticed she was slightly behind Abby's speech and had her evaluated for early intervention, a couple of months ago. Ellie has made great progress in the last month, or so, and I'm sure she'll be speaking well before too long.

It's great to watch them learn to do things for themselves. They love opening and closing doors, climbing in and out of their car seats, brushing their teeth, getting dressed (and undressed), and feeding themselves. Some times they combine things:

We've had an extremely busy summer. It's been one thing after another and the time has gone by too quick. At the beginning of the summer, the circus was in town. I thought it would be great to bring the girls to their first circus.

It went much better than I thought it would. Abby and Ellie were fine with the loud noises and seemed to like all of the action. Once we were settled and I had a chance to look around, I realized we weren't going to last very long. It was probably over 95 degrees out that day, with high humidity. I think it was over 100 degrees in the tent. We were all wilting at the intermission and decided to make a move.

The workers at the circus were the show within the show.

After the circus, we went to the park, to watch Brady's last T-Ball game of the season. We grabbed burgers and fries for the girls and headed to the game.

After dinner, it was time for the playground!

We took a trip to Loon Mountain in New Hampshire for a long, getaway weekend. We saw the bear show & rode the Choo-Choo Train at Clark's Trading Post.

We also went to StoryLand, in Glen, NH.

There's been lots of playing in the backyard.

Ellie's been working on her golf game:

and dancing along with her favorite shows!

Monday, June 21, 2010

March of Dimes ~ March for Babies

This weekend, Christie, the girls and I are participating in the March of Dimes, March for Babies. This will be our 2nd year and I must say, it's a great charity. Yesterday, while at breakfast with the girls, a lady asked us if they were twins. A question we are asked all the time. I answered and was surprised at her response. She had twins a week ago that are in the NICU. They were born premature at 33 weeks. They're doing well and will hopefully be going home around their original due date.

I told her that we're raising money for the March of Dimes, and she smiled immediately. She started telling us about all of the support she has received from the March of Dimes. They have helped her tremendously through this tough time, and you could tell she appreciated everything. In addition to the support they provide for patent's families, they also conduct medical research to prevent birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

Our goal this year is to raise $500, and we're almost halfway there. Any and all support would be much appreciated. Please follow the link below to show your support:

Your gift will fund March of Dimes research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And it will be used to bring comfort and information to families with a baby in newborn intensive care. Please support this important work. You can make a donation with your credit card, or if you prefer, cash or a check is fine, too.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Birthday Central...

It's been birthday party central around here lately. Including the girls, there have been 4 parties in the last month. Each one had a bouncy house...

but the last party was unique. Cinderella made an appearance.

Abby got her face painted

Ellie was more into all of the toys in the playroom than Cinderella. Nice seat, Ellie!

After Cinderella painted faces, told stories, sang to the kids and posed for pictures; it was time to dance...

Thanks to everyone that made the trip for the girls' party. They love all of their new stuff:

The best part of any birthday party:

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bieber Fever!!!

Both Abby & Ellie love dancing along to the Justin Bieber song "Baby". Abby is constantly asking us to put "Baby O" on for her. Here they are in action: